Loading and unloading of injection-moulded parts

Flexible feeding of injection-moulded parts weighing 5 kg to various processing stations. Intelligent conveyor system for cooling and reworking as well as sufficient buffer lane capacities to avoid downtime. High degree of variability through the option of manually inserting injection-moulded parts.


Task: Precision conveyor technology for reliable automated processes

In the manufacture of injection-moulded parts, intermediate parts have to be transported from one production machine to the next until the end product has been processed. Depending on the respective processing stage, parts may have to be cooled or reworked. Our customer required a conveyor solution that met all the various requirements both in terms of transport and intermediate stations for processing injection-moulded parts.

Solution: Individual parts control system to enhance quality assurance

Within our conveyor system, a robot picks an injection-moulded part weighing 5 kg out of the production machine and transfers it to a conveyor system workpiece carrier. Each workpiece is transported via conveyor technology to the next conveyor position. Five loops are available for cooling, reworking and removal. 

Through individual position tracking of workpiece carriers, each injection-moulded part can be individually forwarded to its destination. This ensures that the cooling period of 12 minutes for each unfinished part is maintained. Simultaneous manual insertion of the injection-moulded parts is also possible. If a bottleneck occurs in a section of the conveyor system, workpiece carriers are redirected to avoid any downtime.


Benefits of this automation solutuion

  • High degree of availability: no downtown in 24/7 operation
  • Highly flexible: customised programming tailored to the respective process

  • Flexible feeding to different processing stations

  • Short set-up times

  • Simple to operate

  • Investment:

    • transparent due to uncomplicated structure

    • rapid return on investment through 24/7 operation

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