Our robotic cells offer you clear benefits in terms of the au­to­ma­ti­on of manufacturing stages in your pro­ducti­on process. 

Features of bsAutomatisierung robotic cells:

  • precise
  • fast
  • versatile
  • deliver quantifiable results

Which tasks do you want the proposed robotic cells to accomplish?

Our robotic cells can be flexibly deployed:

  • they can easily handle, load and unload heavy parts
  • they can constantly reach with ease those areas of your production machine that are otherwise difficult to access
  • they function unproblematically in contaminated environments
  • they can consign randomly-oriented parts to the next processing stage by way of bin picking
  • they maintain 100% quality performance day in, day out - an extremely reliable production result

Sys­tem ­in­te­gra­tor of optimal au­to­ma­tio­n

When selecting a robotic cell, various criteria come into play: the load, its centre of gravity and own inertia, the working environment in which processing is to be implemented, processing speed or cycle time and the accuracy of the ro­bo­t.

Tell us about your application and we will build an appropriate robotic cell to precisely fit your requirements profile. We can also recommend suitable robotic cells such as scara ­ro­bo­ts, Del­ta ki­ne­ma­ti­cs, 6- and 7-axis ro­bo­ts, Cartesian axis sys­te­ms as well as controller units from established manufacturers:

  • Fanuc
  • Kuka
  • ABB
  • Reis
  • Motoman
  • Siemens
  • Beckhoff

We can combine these with stan­dard grippers or develop an ef­ficient gripper ­sys­te­m for you, including for example, vacuum grippers, multiple grippers or versatile gripper ­changing­ sys­te­ms.


Working hand in hand to build your robotic cells

As a sy­stem ­in­te­gra­tor we work with an interdisciplinary approach: me­cha­ni­cal design, electronic design and soft­ware­ programming all play a part in developing your robotic cells – in­clu­si­ve of ri­sk­ assessment and a safety concept if desired.  

Even in the concept phase, we address the completion phase and start to plan commissioning and on-site operator training at your company or your customer’s premises.

  • do you want the robotic cells to perform one or more tasks?
  • which is more important for you, versatility (robotic cells) or speed (linear axis gantries)?
  • Will automation be taking care of loading and unloading or handling parts?

Benefits: our innovative strength in developing your robotic cells

Use the knowledge we have gained working on a broad range of customer projects in the metalworking and polymer processing industries, environmental, solar, laser and medical technology sectors as well as in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. We deliver high-performance machinery ­concepts:

  • movable mass and payloads of between 0.05 kg and 50 kg
  • enhanced dynamics thanks to high speeds and rapid acceleration
  • precise positioning
  • cost-effective automation
  • flexible processes
  • versatile interconnection
  • structured programming
  • simple to operate

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