Task: Automated loading and unloading of machines at low volumes and numerous parts types

Even in the automotive industry, the numbers of each part are always lower. Often this goes hand in hand with a higher number of part variants. Added to this is that you have to react as manufacturing companies faster and more flexibly to customer orders.

And this of course at the best price!

Solution: Compact robotic cell with integrated parts storage, guarding and control

With the RoboBox you have the right answer for today's market requirements. Our RoboBox offers a flexible automation of your production. This compact cell is designed so that it can be easily linked to a processing machine. The RoboBox comes complete with integrated safety enclosure, control, robotics and parts storage. With a forklift or they can be installed within a few hours and put into operation.

To make the process even more efficient, can changing tools or additional tasks (eg. deburring, measuring, checking) are performed automatically in the cell.

For variable parts stocking or parts supply, you can choose between drawers, carts or gravity roller conveyor (FlexiFeeder®). Using your existing trays or workpiece carrier systems RoboBox can easily be integrated into your existing processes. With our specially developed FlexiFeeder® You can also use your SLCs. When adding unsorted parts of a design as BinPicking cell is possible.

In addition, the attractive price provides is quickly amortized!

Take advantage of RoboBox for loading and unloading your machine:

  • Good access to the machine.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Various possibilities for the variable parts stocking and parts supply. Example, drawers, cars, FlexiFeeder®.
  • Automated tool change and gripper change in the cell possible.
  • Cell can auxiliary tasks:. Example, deburring, measuring, checking.
  • Cell can be easily and completely (including security fence.) displayced: trucks, forklift, crane.
  • Use of existing, trays, workpiece-carrier or KLTs possible.
  • Execution as possible, BinPicking: processing of unsorted parts.
  • Rapid payback by attractive price. 

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