The safety of automated installations in day-to-day production is becoming an increasingly important factor. As a consequence, within the scope of modifying the control systems on your machines, we replace older controller models with state-of-the-art safety controllers.


Benefits of control system modification to improve safety control

Dedicated safety controllers and components ensure a premium level of system safety and fault-free operation of the control program. The result is a significantly reduced risk of accidents in the workplace.


Selecting the best controller to meet your requirements

We use equipment from all the established manufacturers, including:

  • Siemens Safety Integrated control systems
  • Pilz safety control systems
  • Beckhoff TwinSafe modules

Our experienced programmers work on a regular basis with the various control systems. As such, they are as accomplished with the S7 Failsafe as they are with the Pilz PSS 3006, PNOZmulti and TwinSafe modules. 

Benefits of using our engineering services

  • You expand your capacities at peak periods in line with the requisite level of know-how
  • You benefit from our professional knowledge, creativity and the solution expertise of our employees
  • You achieve results in compliance with your internal regulations
  • You are able to work with colleagues who fit seamlessly into your project team