Many older machines are in good condition mechanically; however, their control systems and drives are no longer technically up-to-date and spare parts for the control system components may no longer be available.

In practice, a retrofit essentially involves exchanging controllers and/or drives and installing those of the latest generation, regardless of what technology was previously used.


Benefits of retrofitting

A retrofit can enable you to achieve an even higher level of efficiency with your machine than was previously the case:

  • increased productivity by reducing downtime and stoppages
  • faster process cycles when processing complex parts
  • a higher quality level as a result of greater precision and easier operation and programming
  • improved operational reliability
  • guaranteed long-term availability of replacement parts

Turnkey retrofitting service

We furnish you with a turnkey retrofitting service from a single source:

You are provided with a project plan that takes into consideration the machine downtime that is potentially acceptable to you, with the aim of minimising that time. If you so require and it benefits production, we can also spread the modification process over a longer period. By way of a machine analysis, we detail the existing functions, map these into the newly planned control system, create a new circuit diagram and update the documentation.

This is followed by implementation:

  • modification of controller components
  • exchange of electrical cabling where necessary
  • design of a new switch cabinet and installation of new components
  • exchange of drives and motors
  • commissioning of the new control system
  • On-site operator training and services

Retrofitting and control system modification is the most cost-effective way to equip a used machine with the latest control technology.

Benefits of our turnkey retrofitting service

  • You totally revamp your existing machinery and maintain or even optimise performance
  • You save the time and expense of developing new machinery
  • You optimise the safety standard of your system
  • You have a machine that complies with your internal regulations