Similar to robotic cells, linear axis gantries serve to enable the extremely efficient loading and unloading of processing machines or exceptionally fast handling of parts.

Depending on the weight and degree of contamination of the parts (smell, surface material, etc.), manually lifting hefty, heavily contaminated components from a conveyor belt and placing them in or removing them from a processing machine can result in considerable physical strain for the employees involved. Automation of such process stages will substantially ease the strain.

Linear axis gantries carry out tasks with precision, at high speed and involving a calculable volume. The construction size, type (e.g. planar surface gantry) and number of linear axis gantry axes employed may vary according to the available floor space and automation objective. Robust and high-precision load, lifting and transport axes open up a broad range of possible applications.


Loading, unloading and/or handling?

To start with we discuss your requirements and analyse your processing environment. We then recommend the optimal system size and structure to complete the task in hand. From planning right through to commissioning and operator training, we deliver the entire range of services all from a single source. 

Typical areas of application for our products encompass the metalworking, polymer processing, automotive and mechanical engineering industries as well as the environmental, solar, laser and medical technology sectors. Use our experience to your advantage!

Benefits of linear axis gantries

High-performance machine concepts:

  • movable mass and payloads of between 0.05 kg and 50 kg
  • enhanced dynamics thanks to high speeds and rapid acceleration
  • precise positioning up to 5 µ
  • cost-effective automation
  • versatile interconnection
  • structured programming
  • simple to operate