We offer au­to­ma­tion solutions that encompass consulting, planning and manufacturing right through to commissioning, all from a single source; alternatively, we can also provide you with our know-how for specific subtasks. Processing can be implemented at bsAutomatisierung or in-hou­se at your company.

Read more about our en­gi­nee­ring services for implementing your automation operations here: 

Mechanical design

Electronic design

Project planning

Software programming

bsAutomatisierung is recognised for in­tel­li­gen­t and innovative au­to­ma­ti­on and all forms of soft­ware pro­gram­ming: 
control ­programming, safety ­sys­te­ms, 2D and 3D part recognition for bin picking or sorting tasks as well as the reprogramming of milling ­ma­chi­nes and lathes.

SPS programming

Robot programming

CNC/NC programming

Machine vision