Project planning and management

We support our customers with process-based project planning and management.

On your behalf we:

  • plan and calculate your project in accordance with your specifications, coordinate resource requirements and review the project risks. For project planning we use A-Plan software, which is compatible with most standard project management programs
  • clarify and define the requisite interfaces and oversee implementation right up to the provision of data for production data acquisition and the production control system
  • monitor the project on-site from the conceptual design stage right through to technical implementation of the processing operation and commissioning either at your company location or your customer’s premises
  • Manage the project according to your scheduling, costs and quality requirements and coordinate with your commensurately responsible staff on a regular basis

We have substantial experience of project planning and management of automation projects, including, for example, the loading and unloading of CNC, milling and laser machines.

Our employees have travelled to numerous countries on a whole host of customer assignments and have nurtured successful cooperative working relationships within the respective cultures. These include practically all European countries as well as China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the USA.

Benefits of using our enginee­ring services

  • You expand your capacities at peak periods in line with the requisite level of know-how
  • You benefit from our professional knowledge, creativity and the solution expertise of our employees
  • You achieve results in compliance with your internal regulations
  • You are able to work with colleagues who fit seamlessly into your project team

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