In cooperation with the leading manufacturer of laser cutting machines, bsAutomatisierung has developed several solutions for the automated loading and unloading of laser cutting machines with robots.

For safe and precise gripping of complex 3D hot forming parts with complex geometries, special gripping strategies were developed. This way, a fast, highly accurate and reliable loading of the cutting devices is possible. The parts can be picked either from the grid box, boxes and pallet jack or universal containers. With our FlexiFeeder, the workpiece carrier can even be omitted entirely. The parts are reliably picked from a universal Container and accuratly placed in the cutting device using Image processing and 3D position detection.

Take the advantage of automated loading and unloading laser cutting systems:  

  • Shorter cycle times.
  • Increased utilisation of laser cutting machine.
  • High precision positioning of the parts in the cutter (<= 0.02mm).
  • Integration of other processes: welding, measuring, marking, etc.
  • Use of different container types: grid boxes, metal containers, jack boxes, workpiece carriers, universal containers.
  • Storage of waste in scrap container also by robots.
  • Even bin picking possible: Detection and removal of parts that are stored chaotically in the containers.

Automated unloading

  • Cycle time: ca. 6 seconds.
  • Station 1: manual loading, Station 2: automatic unloading.
  • By turning away the robot a manual unloading is possible, e.g. for small series.

Automated loading and unloading

  • Cycle time: ca. 11 seconds.
  • Defined removal and storage of parts from workpiece-carrier.
  • By turning away the robot a manual unloading is possible, e.g. for small series.

Automated loading and unloading with bin picking

  • Cycle time: ca. 18 seconds.
  • Removal of stored chaotically parts in grid box or metal container.
  • Storage in disordered lattice box or defined in workpiece-carrier.

Automated loading and unloading with the FlexiFeeder

  • Cycle time: ca. 16.5 seconds.
  • Use of universal containers (cost of workpiece-carrier-system omitted).
  • Built-in parts buffer.
  • Ideal for large number of variants (minimal changeover times).
  • A worker can operate two laser cutting machines.