bsAutomatisierung GmbH is a system integrator that constructs machines for loading and unloading your production machines as well as parts handling. Well-conceived interconnection of the production machines and processing centres means that bsAutomatisierung GmbH customers are able to significantly enhance the dynamics of their processes while also saving time and money.

System manufacturing: optimal automation for interconnecting your production machinery and processing centres

If it is a robotic cell or line­ar axis gantry – our automation of your production operations, such as the loading and unloading of production machines or handling of machine tool products, is fast, precise, reliable and of superlative quality.


Linear axis gantries


Robotic cells

Parts handling

Feeding system, special order machine construction, retrofitting, ISO cutting and drawing unit, service, maintenance

Bin Picking

Bin Picking

Intelligent camera systems control versatile grippers that safely and accurately transport randomly-oriented parts from your wire-mesh containers or stacking containers to the next production machine. Read more about bin picking cell performance here.


Automation structural parts

You have laser cutting machines and want this automation?

Then we have just the thing for you. The bsAutomatisierung GmbH has developed several solutions for automated loading and unloading of laser cutting machines with robots.



sortronIQ sorting system

If you are looking to sort and feed parts of mixed colour, shape or size to your packing or production machines, bsAutomatisierung’s in-house-developed sortronIQ offers verifiable advantages in terms of production. Read more about the specifications of our sortronIQ sorting system here.

Control system modification

Control system modification with new safety systems

The safety of automated installations in day-to-day production is becoming an increasingly important factor. As a consequence, within the scope of modifying the control systems on your machines, we replace older controller models with state-of-the-art safety controllers. Read more about control system modification here.


ISO film welding machine

Knitted textile manufacturers use rolls of film as a basic raw material, which are then cut into strips and drawn during the production process. Within this process, the ISO film welding machine fulfils the essential role of loading the film rolls into the cutting and drawing unit. Read more about the ISO film welding machine here.



ISO cutting and drawing unit

Knitting machines that process flat tape yarns need reliable feed systems capable of optimal operation at high speeds. Our ISO cutting and drawing unit will not fail to impress you. Read more about the ISO cutting and drawing unit here.