One of our areas of expertise is part recognition using machine vision to aid loading, unloading and handling. We integrate this function into loading and unloading process systems as well as assembly processes.

Need 2D recognition of randomly-oriented parts on a belt or 3D recognition of randomly-oriented parts in a box or wire-mesh container?

In all these cases, you can rely on our expertise.

The latest algorithms provide for reliable recognition quality, while manageable user interface designs make them easier to grasp.

We generally use the following systems:

  • MVTec Halcon
  • Cognex In-Sight
  • National Instruments LabVIEW Vision Development Module

Machine vision and quality assurance

We also offer machine-vision-based quality assurance.

In contrast to the human eye, our machine vision systems see everything: meaning you can be sure that every finished product meets your specifications.

Our machine vision solutions support you whether you need to measure part sizes, recognise colours or check lettering, barcodes, matrix codes or logos.

Applications: bin picking or sortronIQ?

For which application are you seeking optimal part recognition?

Our series bin-picking unit offers reliable bin picking to deliver mixed or randomly-oriented parts to your production machinery. Is this perhaps an option for you? Read on to find out which tasks our bin-picking cell can perform for you.

sortronIQ is a sorting machine with a major advantage in that it is able to sort out mixed parts and deliver them to your packing machinery at high speed. Sorting criteria may include, for example, colour, shape and weight. Read on to find out the benefits of sortronIQ for you.

Benefits of our machine vision service

The benefits are clear:

  • Reliable part recognition
  • Fast cycle times
  • Intelligent implementation
  • Timesaving as a result of using specialists
  • Combination with other tasks: measurement, checking, recognition and quality assurance

Your expert on this topic:

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