Fitting of a suspension arm bush 

Flexibly structured automation based on a rotary table for an automotive supplier. Fitting of numerous variants and assemblies, while at the same time reducing the respective cycle time. Documentation and traceability through logging of the part number.

Task: Multiple smaller processing operations result in a time-consuming process overall and sizeable margins for error 

A suspension arm manufacturer requires an adaptable production machine that can produce numerous different assembly variants within the system. This production process should ideally be capable of parallel operation to additionally reduce the processing time of the assemblies in question.

In addition, particularly critical processes such as the press-fitting of bushes were to be documented to aid traceability.

Solution: Linked automated processes to significantly reduce the processing time 

In our automation solution, the suspension arms were put into place at the first station and the bushes transported directly by a conveyor belt to the press-fitting operation location on a rotary table with four processing stations.

The rotary table system simultaneously press-fits the bushes and marks and cleans the parts. Finished suspension arms are removed and replaced by the following ones at the fourth rotary table station.

During the bush press-fitting process, the path and strength of the pressing procedure is monitored for the purposes of quality inspection and documented in a file together with the part number. Part numbers are subsequently written onto the bush assemblies, thereby ensuring continuous documentation of the production process.

Parallel organisation of the individual processing positions reduces the processing time of a part to less than 15 seconds. The rotary table's freely adjustable chucks enable production of all the different variants on the same system.

Benefits of the rotary table system:

  • high degree of flexibility
  • substantial time saving
  • continuous quality control
  • complete documentation

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