Handling of glass panes in solar panel production

Secure handling of wet glass panes of various thicknesses. Complex gripper construction and manufacture by bsAutomatisierung. Placement of 20-40 glass panes at a time in a bath and subsequent further transportation.

Task: Automation to simplify handling of fragile and awkward-to-handle components

Solar cell production requires glass panes of various thicknesses to be processed in wet chemical processes. The task involves using a carrier to securely place 20-40 glass panes at a time (1400 x 1100 mm) in baths located within the process system before then transporting the panes further. 

The process was to be simplified using a fully-automated solution capable of handling various pane thicknesses as well as wet and dry glass panes.

Solution: Versatile controls and technical sensitivity create substantial processing advantages 

In our loading and unloading cell, a robot picks the glass panes from a conveyor belt and pushes them in an upright position into a carrier. In the course of pushing the glass panes into the carrier, vacuum suckers stabilise the upright panes, which are additionally secured during transportation through mechanical claws. Corresponding to the position of the robot, each individual claw automatically retracts during the placement of the panes in the carrier.

The glass pane feeder belt was specifically constructed to support extraction of the panes, which are picked out from below so the panes lie in the gripper under their own dead weight. Special support beams additionally prevent deformation of the panes during transport.

Benefits of this loading and unloading cell

  • grippers specifically adapted for the glass
  • problem-free handling even of wet panes through mechanical fixation of the panes
  • handling of various pane thicknesses with the same gripper
  • flexible placing point by using a robot

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