Loading and unloading of eroding and grinding machines

Intelligent loading and unloading of up to four eroding and grinding machines with only one robot. The parts weighing up to 40 kg are then subsequently cleaned using ultrasound. Enables unmanned processing over the entire weekend.


Task: Elimination of waiting times to improve employee satisfaction

In the carbide tool production process, the processing times of eroding and grinding machines varies greatly. This results in idle time for operating staff ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. If the employees carry out other work during this period, they have to regularly break off from the job in hand to load the eroding and grinding machines.

In order to deploy operating staff to other tasks more efficiently, an automation solution for loading and unloading the eroding and grinding machines is required.

Solution: Clever automation solutions for standard processes

In the case of this customised machine, the supplied loading and unloading cells can equip up to four eroding and grinding machines. Using its gripper from a centralised position between the machines, the robot can place the tools either into the eroding machine, grinding machine or tool holder.

Depending on the operating procedure, eroding/grinding may be followed by an additional processing stage that involves cleaning using ultrasound. The tools can weigh up to 40 kg and are transported to the facility by HSK or ISO tool holders.

Benefits of this automated solution

  • with a total of 32 available tool positions per machine and an average processing time of 2 hours, the installations can operate unmanned over the entire weekend
  • during "normal" working hours, any given machine can still be manually loaded as desired without blocking automated loading on the other machines
  • high degree of flexibility: customised programming tailored to the respective process
  • short set up time: simple to operate
  • Investment: transparent due to uncomplicated structure, short return-on-investment period as a result of 24/7 operation

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