Film welding machine - saving time in the textile sector

Task: Detailed manual work giving rise to an overly time-consuming process

Knitted textile manufacturers use rolls of film as a basic raw material, which are then cut into strips and drawn during the production process (see ISO cutting and drawing unit). The respective ends of the film rolls have to be joined together before being placed in the cutting and drawing unit.

Solution: Film welding machines simplify the work process and save considerable time

ISO Maschinenbau is able to supply a film welding machine that minimises the time spent on changing film rolls and cuts out the complex process of re-threading hundreds of individual threads.

Aligned to the ISO cutting and drawing unit to ensure precision feeding of the film, the film welding machine precisely clamps and welds together the end edge of the old film and the starting edge of the new film. The welding process is time-limited to prevent the film from burning and to apply the correct melting time for the respective film thickness.

Where numerous ISO modules are placed next to each other, the film welding machine can be redeployed to the right or left so that it can also weld the end edges of film on the neighbouring unit. This effectively reduces the time required to change the film rolls from a few hours to a just few minutes.


Benefits of a film welding machine

  • Considerable timesaving when re-setting the ISO cutting and drawing unit
  • Optimal linking to the ISO cutting and drawing unit
  • Minimum of time needed to change film rolls
  • Significant cost savings
  • Reliable quality

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